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Have you been feeling a bit frustrated, anxious and just plain tired when researching to get licensed?  Is no one answering your simple questions and they won't return your calls?  Are you dying to find just one honest and credible person to give you guidance and even take the burden off your shoulders and help get you licenses?  Well...That is what we can do, help you. We are here for you.  

Our Consulting Services:

  • We currently provide a license consulting program in Georgia, Virginia, New Jersey, and Texas.   
  • We provide customized and personalized policy manuals in the following states: Georgia, Virginia, New Jersey, Texas, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina
  • We take the guess work, frustration, and confusion out of the licensing process.    

What is a Group Home or Residential Care Home?
A group 
home is a facility where individuals live 24/7 and 365 days a year.  Usually, three meals, two snacks and 24 hour care and supervision is provided for them by regular and full-time staff.  We license facilities that are considered at-risk, therapeutic, intellectual developmentally disabled, mentally ill, and substance abuse.  Licensed group homes are sometimes called, depending on the state, residential care home facility, family care home, board and care, personal care home, adult foster care, child caring institution, child caring center or agency, residential care center and other names.  

Why Are We Unique?
We truly become a partner.  We answer our phones, return calls, have a sense of urgency with each client with questions, answers and deadlines.  We work diligently and pay attention to the details.  Additionally, we are deadline driven and deliver a researched professional product for you to submit to the state licensing department.  Our consultants go over and above the call of duty.  Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations each and every time.  

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